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Your brand identity has always taken a back seat, but lately, it’s been on your mind more and more. Something feels off. But what? Let’s explore.

Before we do, let’s indulge in a virtual high five. ✋🏽

Creating a fantastic coaching or consultancy business takes passion, determination, devotion and sheer hard work – with a massive helping of guts on the side. And you’re smashing it!

You’ve got a track record of amazing transformations and you’re ready to reach more people and make a difference in their lives and businesses.

You can picture yourself becoming the go-to expert, with people lining up to hear your talks and masterclasses, enrolling on your group courses and paying your premium 1-1 prices.

But, something is holding you back.

Could it be your brand identity?

Let’s take a look at some telltale signs…

SIGN ONE: I’m suffering from brand embarrassment

DIY or done for you, your logo, colours and your website (if you have one) have done a pretty good job up until now. They’ve got you where you are today.

But, as you’ve found your feet and flourished, you’re starting to feel your brand identity is wishy-washy and lacks impact. It’s falling short of WOW!

Chances are, you’re experiencing some sabotaging side effects…

🙁 Reluctant to hand out your business card?
😬 Apologising for the look of your website?
😔 Confidence fades when you check out your peers?

A poorly designed brand identity has the ability to put the brakes on you and your business growth.

It can create a poor first impression and get lost in the feed, where well-designed brands stand out and hit ideal clients right in the feels.

When you’re embarrassed about your brand identity your confidence takes a hit. And your dream clients miss seeing how special you are.

You’re not alone…

For many businesses (even creative ones like mine) the side effects of misaligned branding can kick in long before the realisation something is out of whack.

I launched my design business in 2005. Many happy clients and business developments down the road, I drew a breath – things weren’t as they should be.

For me, my business cards lay dormant in a drawer. I had a nasty case of brand envy. I was reluctant to connect with peers and prospects.

Realisation hit!

My brand identity was holding me back. It didn’t tell my story and wasn’t making the impression I wanted it to.

I needed a rethink.

SIGN TWO: I’m attracting clients that aren't a good fit

As a startup, any work is good work. It’s easy to fall foul of wanting to do  everything for everyone. It feels scary to say no and turn work away.

Over time, you recognise the people and projects who make your heart sing.  You sense those who will suck the soul out of you. The trouble is a catch-all brand talks to no one in particular and attracts all sorts (not all of it what you want).

It can become a magnet for low-quality leads. People looking for a cheap deal. Hard work ones who don’t appreciate your value and aren’t invested in your process.

Yes, this is familiar to me too…

I hatched and branded my business in 2005, offering affordable graphic design (any design) to small and medium firms (any firms) in the UK and beyond.

Wow! The world (quite literally) was my oyster, and I had a smart catch-em-all brand to boot.

I hit the ground running, had lots of work, and was grafting hard – at times too hard and on projects that didn’t float my boat and weren’t aligned with my values.

This alarm bell signalled the need to make my brand a magnet only to my dream clients and projects.

SIGN 3: I’m struggling to raise my prices

Starting out, we check out what everyone else is charging, halve it, add a bit, divide it by three, add a bit more, change the last number to five, and hope for the best. And it’s usually too low.

A small money mindset can end up subconsciously embedded in your logo, lead magnets, wording and website – silently communicating this level of value.

Over time, you learn and grow. You help people make bigger transformations in their lives and businesses. Your work has more impact.

You’re ready to increase your prices to reflect the value you provide. But (and it’s a big BUT), your brand identity isn’t aligned to this new level of value.

As well as stopping you in your aspirational tracks, your low-ticket identity is proving to be a turn off to clients actively seeking a high-ticket service. The ones who will value your work, are motivated to get the best results and are a delight to work with.

If you have decided to start charging prices that reflect the value you deliver – your branding may be contributing to your internal resistance.

You guessed it, me too…

For years, I traded on my time for a freelance rate. As I developed my skill set, my clients started getting more and more out of our work together, but my pricing remained firmly attached to my start-up brand strategy and identity.

My business coach inspired me to have a rethink. To align my prices with the value I provide and connect me with the people keen to invest and benefit.

My brand identity, however, was telling an outdated story. This was the third catalyst to go back, quite literally, to the drawing board.

Yes! My brand identity is holding my business back, what can I do?

Nodding your head right now, or maybe you’ve got it in your hands?

Hey, come on! You’ve totally got this.

This fear and frustration are good – it’s a sure sign you’re meant for more. And you’re ready – right now!

What if I told you, you already have all the necessary ingredients to stop your brand identity from holding you back?

What if I said, all the hard you’ve done up to now has been preparing you for this pivotal moment?

You’ve been quietly carving out your place in the coaching or consulting world –  discovering what you enjoy doing and what you don’t; who you enjoy working with and who you don’t; ways of working that matter to you, and that your clients love too; how you want people to experience you. All of it underpinned by the driving force – the why – that motivates you out of bed each morning to face the roller coaster world of working for yourself. This is your brand DNA.

Your brand DNA makes you and your business unique. And it’s the foundation on which you can create a distinct and compelling brand identity that…

  • evaporates brand embarrassment – you’ll want to show it off to the world
  • attracts dreams clients – because it talks directly to them
  • helps you charge more with ease – because it communicates the value you deliver

Swipe the images below to see brand transformations – before (without brand DNA) and after (with brand DNA).

This is what’s possible when you get clear on your brand essence.

I’m seriously hoping your head is now out of your hands, and you’re screaming “Kate, how do I get started?” at the screen.

Download your FREE Brand Clarity & Confidence Cheatsheet today.

Diving deep into the DNA of your brand is a fun and rewarding journey of discovery and reinvention.

It gives you the clarity and confidence to step out of your business comfort zone. And everything you need to create a scroll-stopping brand identity that will help you confidently fly towards your goals.

Start exploring what makes your brand tick with my Brand Clarity and Confidence cheatsheet here,

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Kate Pollitt

Author Kate Pollitt

Kate Pollitt is an award-winning business owner, brand coach and creator, who has worked with hundreds of small businesses across three decades in the Design and Marketing Industry. She loves sharing her strategic and creative skills with Coaches and Consultants to help them grow amazing businesses.

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