From so-so to sensational

It’s time for your business to shine

You started small, working your socks off to bring your business idea to life. Since throwing together a logo and website and launching your service into the world, your business has evolved. It’s now amazing!

But… something’s stopping you reaching your full potential.

Your current brand identity isn’t making the right impression. You hesitate to hand out your business card and make excuses for your website. Attracting new business can be a push and what turns up isn’t always ideal.

Imagine having the right image and messaging to promote your business with pride and confidence. Imagine attracting the people you most love to work with, and who value what you do. Imagine no longer competing on price and instead, charging what you’re really worth.

A clear brand strategy, and identity you are proud of, can do all this and more!

But where do you start?
How do you get it right this time?
What goes into creating a brilliant brand identity?

I’d be delighted to help you with that – here’s how…

Kate got straight to the heart of what I wanted to do. I became sure about who I was, what I stood for and how I could stand out from the rest and that was just for starters.

Emma SaltBeacon Literacy

Kate helped me look at my business from my client's perspective, so now my offer and messaging are clearer. I know what my brand stands for and why I'm different, which gives me a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Wioleta WydrychBusiness & Mindset Coach

Stage 1: Brand Clarity & Confidence

Successful brands are built on strong foundations – a story that matters to them and their clients; together we’ll write yours

Imagine, for a moment, taking luxurious time away from the daily hustle to talk about your business and get creative – space made for fresh perspectives, clear insights and renewing your business passion.

Picture your brand’s purpose, positioning and personality emerging from this deep exploration and being brought to life in words, colours and images to form a vision of your brand’s new look and feel.

Let’s do it…

Why do I need this?

To create an exceptional brand identity, requires a clear brand strategy. Getting clear on your purpose, what you do, who for, and how you do it differently, underpins the re-brand process.

With a clear brand foundation and creative brief, everyone involved in the creative process will know exactly what the design goals are, and the results will be far superior.

Omitting this step leads to frustration for you and your creative partner, time and money being wasted, and potentially poor results.

What are the benefits?

  • Clarity on your brand and fresh insights
  • A roadmap for a meaningful re-brand
  • A steer for all future marketing communications
  • A guiding light for all your business decisions
  • A tool to get your team behind your brand
  • A clear idea of next steps and what’s involved

What are the side effects?

  • A business confidence boost
  • A personal confidence boost
  • Renewed passion
  • Fresh ideas, insights and “a-ha!” moments
Stage 1: Brand Clarity

In several empowering sessions, we’ll focus on what makes your brand unique and how you want to show up in the world.

We’ll define your:

  • Why, How & What (purpose & positioning)
  • Who (niche)
  • Brand style & voice (personality)
  • Unique Positioning Statement
  • Brand Tagline
Stage 2: Creative Vision

Join me for round two, where the creative fun begins. Embrace your inner creative, get to grips with colour and see the vision for your brand identity come to life.

I’ll work with you to:

  • Fire up your imagination
  • Discover how to stand out
  • Get to grips with colour psychology
  • Profile your brand personality
  • Create a vision for your brand
Stage 3: Brand Audit

With a clear idea of where you’d like your brand identity to go, we look in detail at where you are now and how to get you there. By the end of this session, you’ll have clarity on whether you need a revamp or a complete overhaul.

Together, we’ll:

  • Assess your current branding
  • Audit your existing branding collateral
  • Craft a clear creative brief
  • Create a plan of action

Stage 2: Identity Design

Creating an inspiring image to be proud of

This is where the magic happens… all our work together creating brand clarity and confidence, and defining the essence of your brand, gives us the ingredients for your stunning new brand identity.

Phase 1: Brand Identity

Your new identity will include:

  • Primary & Secondary Logos
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Illustrations/icons
  • Patterns
  • Photographic style
  • Brand Guidelines Book
HBH Care Home Brochure Cover Design
Phase 2: Brand Touchpoints

You’ll be chomping at the bit to show off your stunning new brand identity. To do that, we’ll need to apply it to all your brand touchpoints.

From business cards to brochures, social media to signage, we’ll strategically design your online and offline presence to showcase your new brand identity and enhance your marketing messages.

This is where you can take full advantage of my 30 years experience in the creation and production of design and print for small businesses.

Have your own Web Designer? I’m happy to be your Creative Director, working with them to embed your new brand into your website.

Phase 3: Brand Launch

Introducing your new brand identity to the world is a thrilling prospect and a great opportunity for your business.

With a well-planned launch, you can engage existing customers, attract new ones and generate new business. Sounds great right?

If you need help with this, we’ll create a launch strategy to phase out your old identity, inform clients and generate buzz to make the most of this exciting time in your business.

Getting started

Ready for a rewarding re-brand experience?

I’d love to hear about you and your business, your aspirations, what you feel about your brand now and how you’d love it be – then we can talk about working together to Reboot your Brand.