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Who is this for?

You're the owner of a growing service business in Lancashire, and the word is, you do great work. Your existing brand, whether it’s DIY or commissioned, has served you well but it’s not creating the best impression or communicating your brilliance. You'd love an objective view of your business and brand, to help you clearly define it and take it in a new direction.

What will we talk about?

I'd love to hear about you and your business, your aspirations, what you feel about your brand now and how you'd love it be - then we can talk about how we can make your brand vision a reality. I'm all yours for 30 minutes.

How do I book?

Zoom web conferencing is a great place to meet "in person". Pick a date and time that works for you from my calendar below, answer a few simple questions and a booking confirmation with all the details will pop into your in-box.
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