Be You. Get Clients.

Wioleta’s reluctance to hand out her DIY business cards and direct people to her website prompted her to get in touch. She told me she’d even passed up invites to do high-profile talks because of “brand embarrassment”.

Before the design work began, we drilled down into the essence of her personal brand, uncovering her purpose, values, voice and style. First-hand feedback from her clients gave us their brand perceptions too (I’ll never tire of seeing someone discover just how much their clients value them).

Her bold new brand communicates her energetic and inspiring approach, and with it, she’s happy to be in the spotlight. Within days of launching her new website, she secured a high ticket client on a cold call – the future looks bright for this Success Coach.

Logo design for Wioleta Success Coach

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Kate is absolutely amazing!

I’m more confident about my brand, I’m feeling better about my business and it’s clearer for me to find topics for social media content and the ways that I want to show up.

I know what I want to stand for and how I want to be seen and heard.

Wioleta WydrychSuccess Coach
Letterhead design for Success Coach

Brand Photography: Fish 2 Photography