A shining light in education

Simply put, Emma Salt works magic for children, teachers and parents. She was a teacher for ten years before setting up her private consultancy to help children with reading and writing difficulties, which is changing lives.

Emma knew the importance of clearly defining her spot in the market before creating her brand identity and wanted objective input. Together we mapped out her brand’s DNA, personality and unique differences before getting to work to bring the Beacon Literacy brand identity to life.

With a clear blueprint of what she does, how she does it and who for, Emma confidently approaches and gets to work with primary schools throughout the Lancashire Authority.

From the first moment, Kate knew how to breathe life into my marvellous idea. She got straight to the heart of what I wanted to do. I became sure about who I was, what I stood for and how I could stand out from the rest and that was just for starters. Kate went on to craft my beautiful brand identity and create my voice - all singing out my strengths. My exciting vision has been executed with brilliance and I am brimming with confidence and ready to show the world!

Emma SaltFounder, Beacon Literacy