Brand Power Hour

Frustrated with thrashing out ideas and figuring things out alone?
Get instant clarity, feedback, answers and next steps to boost your branding and marketing, in this 1-1 breakthrough session.


Is this session for me & my business?

You’re a Coach or Consultant, and you’ve got a branding or marketing dilemma that’s keeping you stuck or going round in circles.

You know that talking it out with someone who knows their branding and marketing onions would help.

You’re ready to invest in some support, so you can make progress faster than you would on your own.




How will this session help me?

This session will help you see things clearly, get answers, grow ideas, and make decisions. It’s a supportive space to focus on you and your business.

  • Get feedback on your Brand Identity
  • Bring a branding or marketing conundrum that’s keeping you awake at night
  • Use me as a sounding board
  • Generate ideas
  • Get creative feedback

Bring one question or several.  I’ll help you tackle what matters most in our 60 minutes together.

I promise you an objective viewpoint, brutally honest feedback and expert guidance, so you can get clarity and supercharge your branding and marketing efforts.


How do I book and what happens next?

STEP 1 – Book your slot and pay for your session via the button below.

STEP 2 – Watch your inbox for my Kickstart Q’s about your business, brand, and session topic, so we can hit the ground running.

STEP 3 – “Meet” me in Zoom (my online meeting room) and have a powerful and purposeful conversation, which brings clarity, confidence and direction.

You’ll leave our session with answers, actions and motivation – amazed at how much we’ve achieved in an hour.

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I wasn’t sure what help I would get in just one hour. But I needn’t have worried... I would recommend the Power Hour to anyone, it certainly exceeded my expectations. The time was thought provoking and brought out lots of great ideas, I now have a much clearer picture of what I want my business to look like and in which direction I need to take it.

Julie CrostonPR Consultant

I really enjoyed working with Kate, from the first session she immediately made me feel at ease and throughout the process has enabled me to take a step back from some of the problems I was having and really think through different approaches and solutions.

Morgana Loze-DoyleSocial Media Consultant

I've tackled areas I've been putting off for months, such as committing to opening my shop, and writing my web content. These areas are essential to my business but I felt overwhelmed by them. Through Kate’s support we've unpicked these tasks and made them achievable.

Charlotte GleaveIvy & Primrose

You have the ability to assimilate all of my crap and regurgitate it into salient points! 😄 Seriously though, you listen, reflect, question, listen again and advise. You hear my words and the intent (or lack of) behind them, then drill down and organise my thoughts.

Gill MonteroClinic Director, Discover Laser





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