From concealed to coveted

Passionate, dedicated and open-minded business owners are a treat to work with – Mark Brierley and Hannah Townson, owner-managers of High Brake House Care Home, tick all these boxes.

When we started working together, their lack of brand identity was making them missable – even locals weren’t aware of who, what or where they were. The goal was to raise their profile and establish them as the best care home in the area.

This was more than a logo design project! No-holds-barred advice on every aspect of the brand and client experience played a part. As a result, walls and doors moved to create light and space, rooms were refurbished, and dated exterior features got rebuilt.

The creation of their brand identity, website and brochure, together with their amazing renovations and dedication to providing a wonderful home, have put them well and truly on the map. They deserve to be there.

High Brake House Logo
HBH Care Home Brochure Cover Design

Your vision for the business brand was wonderful and has definitely moved us forward. It's reduced confusion and increased people's awareness of the home. Bringing our brand image together has focused the business, and you've been patient with us not fully knowing how we wished to go about it!

You're brilliant!! šŸ˜

Hannah TownsonOwner-Manager, High Brake House