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Jacqui felt like she was ‘playing at it’ with her branding and marketing, and didn’t feel like she had a professional business. With no consistent look and feel across her platforms, she told me she wasn’t proud of her brand, and felt it was holding her back from achieving her business goals.

Before any design work could begin, we went back to basics, stripping everything away and getting crystal clear on what makes Jacqui and her brand unique.

With a new brand and website that is so very ‘her,’ Jacqui now feels so much more confident, and excited about her brand. And confident in her discovery calls too. She quickly implemented higher pricing and signed two clients on those new prices. There’s no doubt Jacqui is ready to “live life bold”.

Logo design for Life Coach

I really felt like a VIP through the whole experience!

Kate really helped to boost my confidence in the Brand Clarity and Confidence stage. Every time we had a session I felt so proud of who I was and my superpowers that I felt I could fly!
That has been the biggest part of it for me just getting really clear on my niche, who I am and who I want to work with.

The other highlight was seeing it all come together in my website - it was better than I could have ever imagined.

Jacqui ParrCareer, Life and Financial Coach

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Social Media post design for Coach
Brand Style Board for Life Coach

Brand Photography: TV Pav

I say you have to back yourself and go all in, if you hesitate your potential clients will pick up on that and your lack of confidence will come through at every level of your marketing.

I am so much more confident and excited about my brand, I've even started enjoying doing videos! I've proved to myself that I'm on a level with other coaches.

I feel more confident in discovery calls. It's still early days but I already implemented the higher pricing within a few weeks of working with Kate and have two clients on those new prices.

Jacqui ParrCareer, Life and Financial Coach